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March 1, 2017
Have a great outdoor space sunshine or rain
March 2, 2017

As a famous girl once said: “There’s no place like home”, and savvy homeowners are more than happy to invest in not only their homes but their gardens too, creating an outdoor space that is eminently welcoming, desirable and can even add considerable value to their homes. We look at the top 6 landscaping trends for 2017.

fire-pitHygge: A huge home trend in 2016, we will see hygge extend more to landscapes in 2017 with a focus on pleasure in the simple things, small design details that surprise and delight by way of sculptures and water features, wonderful scents from planting that span the seasons and luxurious textures. This trend is all about being cosy so expect little snugs built at the bottom of the garden perfect for settling down for a read of the paper, fire-pits and trees festooned with lanterns.

Indoor outdoor: Even in Britain where the opportunity to get into our gardens can be somewhat limited in the winter months, we’re continuing to see demand for landscapes that draw from the interior, creating an almost seamless indoor outdoor feel. From contemporary or traditional design features to built-in social gathering spaces, this trend is all about reflecting a particular style whilst maximising comfort and the utility of the outdoor areas.


Al-fresco dining: There’s nothing quite like eating outdoors as you catch the last of the days sun, alfresco-diningcatching up on the gossip whilst the birds twitter around you. And in 2017, we expect to see many more requests for the accoutrements for outdoor dining, from pizza ovens and fireplaces to gorgeous dining areas and even complete outdoor kitchens.


Eco: Trending for a few years now, an eco-friendly garden is high on the priority list for both residential home owners and commercial premises. From preservation of water and the use of natural materials to planting that favours indigenous greenery. We also expect more ‘eclectic’ requests, gardens that blend more formal or styled areas with natural areas of the landscape that encourage wildlife, and even vegetable patches.


a1ee3d4fc2ac430fb83cbb08c0ee452cLighting: Candles are definitely hygge but not as practical as fixed lighting and for a long term solution that extends the usage of their gardens, more homeowners are opting for lighting that adds both style and substance to their landscapes. Look out for the ubiquitous LED, but also the more unusual- from chandeliers in social gathering spaces to floor lamps.


Metallics: Hot shades for 2017 are the metallic, from gold and bronze to shimmering silver, we’ll see flashes of metallics across accessories and fixed elements, from silver decking to golden urns dotted around the garden, this trend will make every garden pop!

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