4 Tips for Choosing a Landscaping Company
March 2, 2017

A stunning garden landscape is an extension of your home. People are still investing in adding outdoor living spaces to their back gardens. As people continue to feel more over worked these days, they are turning to their gardens for that Zen like experience.  Homeowners want lights, colours and sounds to create that sensual garden that brings some peace and calm to their hectic family life. Homeowners are realizing they don’t have to leave home to kick back and relax.

Here are our favourite landscaping trends for 2016.


Merging Health & Technology with Nature

Many people are making changes in their lives and around their homes to live a healthier lifestyle. They’re also realizing that connecting with nature is one of those ways to improve health and reduce stress. Just like people go hiking for exercise and to clear their head, they’re getting the same relief from taking care of their home garden.

Growing your own food, fruits and vegetables and engaging with nature hands-on is an excellent way to rejuvenate and improve health. And people are taking technology into nature for exploration, education and entertainment. They are also tuning into technology to help grow plants.

Pet-friendly landscapes Are ‘In’ – Dogscaping

More and more people have dogs and we share our yards with these precious members of the family. They run through the lawn, roll in it, dig in it and it’s no wonder that pet owners want their yards to be pet safe. Homeowners care about protecting their plants from pets but even more importantly, they want to protect their dogs and cats from poisonous plants and harmful chemicals on the lawn. Families are demanding an organic, sustainable approach to lawn care.

Backyard boldness.

People are turning to customization, lighting and movement to add a sense of whimsicality to their backyards. People are moving away from subtle, minimalist aesthetics to designs that heighten sensory appeal.

Layered landscapes.

The landscaping trend is shifting from green deserts to living landscapes where yards are returned to their natural habitats, each plant serving a purpose in supporting local, natural ecosystems, pollinators and other wildlife.

Precious resources.

The resources needed to garden, particularly water, are limited and need protection. New technologies and plants offer the opportunity to protect and conserve resources with small lifestyle changes that will make an impact on the gardening experience.

Which trend will you try to participate in this year?