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March 2, 2017
4 Tricks to give your back garden a Boast
March 2, 2017

We absolutely love stumbling across these small back gardens as they hold so much potential for creating a stunning outdoor space. Whether you are looking for that contemporary garden with warmth or that enticing cottage garden, maybe it’s that tropical paradise with sense and sustainability, the choice is yours.

Using space intelligently is the key to making a small garden work. Here are a few of our tips for achieving these looks:

Lead the way with a pathway

 A simple feature you can add yourself is a pathway. There are all kinds of materials you can use, including, stones, flagstones, bricks or even wood. The way you install the path will depend on the material you use. But, to start, determine where you want the path to be .

plantpots_2516248cPots and Containers

The bigger the better! Anything as long as it’s big. Plants need a lot of root space and water and stability from wind. To make the plants happy and to minimise how much human effort is required to keep them going, choose big.

Try a Trellis

You see trellises in garden centres all the time, and you’ve probably never even thought about picking one up, but these architectural details can add a quick and easy accent in the yard.  Place toward the back of the garden as a focal point, perhaps using it to mark the entrance to a sitting area or vegetable bed.

Polish It off with a Garden Border

If you’re looking for a quick way to compliment your landscaping, add a garden border. Use cement pieces or bricks to separate your garden beds from grass and to outline mulch rings around trees. Garden borders enhance your landscaping and make it look finished. This seems like a small detail, but can make a big impact on the way your garden and yard look.

Light it Up

Many of our clients use their gardens in the evening as they are either at work all day or away at the weekend. There is nothing better therefore than illuminate the garden to extend its use. Well-placed patio lighting creates a warm, restaurant-like ambience if eating al fresco at night is your thing. If you simply want to make the borders, decking or lawns more attractive then go for lanterns or candles.

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