4 things to consider when redoing your back garden
February 20, 2019

Whether you opt for block paving, resin, tarmac, gravel or concrete, your driveway can say ‘welcome home’ or ‘no go zone’. But choosing the right driveway can be a real head-ache. What will last the test of time, what will suit your home the best, and what do you need to think about with each? We talk you through choosing the right driveway.

Concrete: If the first thought that pops into your head when you think of concrete is ‘industrial’ or ‘grey’, you’ll be pleased to hear that things have moved on quite a bit. Yes, you can still go for the basic grey but you can also select a colour that contrasts or compliments your roof, or opt for an imprinted or pattern driveway where a pattern is stamped onto the surface of the concrete before it hardens. Hard-wearing and attractive, concrete is also a practical choice, and the plainer you have it the more cost-effective it will be.

Block paving: Made of blocks or bricks, block paving is the current darling of driveways due to the high individuality you can achieve. From huge sweeping driveways to intricate patterns, multiple colours to different styles and textures mixed together, block paying is attractive and can be modern and contemporary or styled to be rustic and weathered. It’s pretty hard-wearing, and the major benefit is that if a block becomes damaged you can remove and replace it individually rather than having to relay all or part of the driveway.

Resin bound: Another style of driveway that is increasing in popularity is the resin bound system which allows water to drain through it which is ideal for flood prone or water-logged areas, and makes them a good choice for a driveway. Looks wise, a resin bound driveway can compete with block paving with huge choice in colour, finish and texture, and it presents a practical, smooth surface that’s good for most people.

Gravel: Still one of the most popular driveways in the UK, a gravel drive allows huge spaces to be filled relatively inexpensively and quickly compared to other styles of driveway. Again, as you can pick your size and colour of gravel, or stone, you can customise to your taste and many of the issues traditionally associated with a gravel drive like bumpiness and stones seeping out onto the road or grassed areas can be overcome with good landscaping and delineation of the area.

Tarmac: Not just the preserve of airports, tarmac is extremely hard wearing and robust and it doesn’t have to be dull! Adding an edging kerb or a block paved apron can add interest to your driveway, taking the best of the practicality and adding an individual style.


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