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March 2, 2017
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Giving your garden a makeover, whether that’s with new fence panels and a tidy, or a complete redesign, is an exciting process. You’re making changes that can enhance the appeal of your home, and increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space. But before you rush out and begin, our managing director, Reuben Abtar shares  4 things to consider:

1- Utility. One of the biggest questions to ask yourself is how you want to spend your time in the garden. Are you big socialisers? If so, a prerequisite will be a large dining space perhaps with a raised patio or deck. Space to run around for the kids would necessitate a decent sized lawn, or do you seek peace and solitude in your garden, provided with a perfectly positioned bench in the garden’s sun-trap surrounded by foliage and a pretty arbour. A garden can be many things to many people, but having a good idea of your needs will help you to begin to formulate a plan.

2- The long term. Gardens take time to evolve and mature, and as with a house, it is best if you can consider your needs longer term. You might have young children and want space for a playhouse or sandpit, but think about how this area can evolve over time. For shorter term needs opt for moveable rather than fixed features, and that sandpit can soon make way for a hot tub!

3- Time investment. How much time do you want to invest in your garden on maintenance? Some planting schemes and even joinery, whilst beautiful to look at, will be very labour intensive and need lots of love and attention lavished on them to keep them looking their best. If you’re looking for something with still has wow factor but is easier to manage, your landscaping professional will have solutions that can minimise the upkeep.

4- Noise and privacy. A big issue for many homeowners is noise pollution, from passing cars, even noisy neighbours, but a clever garden design can maximise privacy and minimise unwanted sound. If noise is a big issue, hardscaping with stone walls can be extremely effective, whilst fencing combined with evergreen planting and hedging works to protect privacy and reduce noise. And to distract from noise, consider adding more pleasing sounds with a water feature.

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